Purchase a property? Yes absolutely

Purchase of property is a big and important decision for everyone. It’s meant for commitments or responsibilities?
It doesn’t come to an answer when it becomes a question. When it comes to taking the purge, it’s more about individual preparation.

Actually, what do we need when it comes to purchase a property?

  • Do have basic savings for settled downpayment and legal/stamp duty fees
  • Have clear record with repayment loans or debt (PTPTN has exception, T&C requires)
  • Get ready some emergency fund at least six to 12 months
  • You are comfortable with the mortgage payments for your property
  • Well-managed with your cash flow
  • And: The important part is Have Steady income

divo residences

Why do we need to buy earlier for our first property?

The first thing you must get into your mind is money which you spent on your rental fees will always burst forever.
Rental is an expense while mortgage loans are not as you are using it for your own stay purpose.
You must know the main purpose before you are purchasing. Is it for your own stay or investment purposes?

First home buyers should always remember that the maximum year of mortgage is until 70’yo only.
You have entitled to a max of 35 years mortgage loan if let says you are 35’yo on this year.
But if you are 36’yo on this year, you probably need to draw up some planning.

As time being passed by, your property will increase its value and it will always bring some substantial income
when you sell it out.
Property is like your equity which you can use to generate incredible passive income if you know to use it to.

You always not ready when you are ready

Yes, we know that people will most likely be afraid of commitments.
But you are not alone. The ones who courage for taking risks will always know how to manage risks.
Prepare your pen and paper, mark down all your expenses and costs that you need.
Follow tightly with your plan and go for it.

The best day for purchase a property is always yesterday, do it now with your well-planning consultant.

90% of first home buyers has no ideas how many bank loans they can entitle to

Well. You might want to get consult with your professional consultant when you are no ideas.
This is really an important part for yourself to know how big, argh, not I mean the maximum capabilities of yourself.
It’s better not to be fully utilized your loans capabilities.
The better range is 30-40% or better even lower than this range.

Interested to go for your first property? Check it out

Divo Residences

Exsim @ Old Klang Road

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